FAQ - General


Please go to this page and select the chipset of your motherboard.

Please refer to your User's manual, which is available for download at the motherboard product page. For Z170 and H170 chipset motherboards, please refer to this link
Firstly, check if the add on card controller is able to be recognized during post screen. If it cannot be seen, check if the card can work in other platforms. If the card can be seen but cannot work under the OS, try to install a proper driver for usage. 
No, the BIOS does not currently support this function.
Please disable “Windows 7 support” item in the BIOS menu. 

The Intel 100 Series and 200 Series platforms bundle with XHCI USB controller and Windows 7 cannot recognize XHCI. The user must enable Windows 7 support in the BIOS so that the USB keyboard and mouse will work during Windows 7 installation.

This Windows 7 support is patch solution and the user must disable this item after entering Windows7. If this is not disabled, the USB devices will not work under OS. 

Please revert back to the original BIOS to find out if it relates with the new BIOS or not. If the problem still exists after you revert back to the original BIOS, we recommend doing a CMOS clear to load a system default for better stability. 

Please do a CMOS clear on the motherboard. This will reset the BIOS password. 
Please refer to the following procedure for BIOS recovery. 
There is currently no option to switch off the LED. 
If your motherboard equipped with a diagnostic LED display, you can refer to the following PDF for details.
There are no tools currently available to re-write the MAC address. 
If the motherboard does not posting on after overclocking, turn off the power switch on your power supply and press Clear CMOS button on the motherboard. Switch the power back on and click on the power button on your chassis. The motherboard should boot back up with default BIOS settings.
Please contact our RMA team. We will provide you with a quotation if the CPU bent pin is able to be repaired. 
Yes. Please refer to your motherboard User's Manual.
For Ultra HD drive support, it needs Intel® SGX and HDMI's HDCP 2.2 support. C7Z270-CG and C7Z270-PG do support HDCP 2.2 at this moment. (2017/3/10)
• PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Revision Number is a tiny print on the motherboard 
   below the motherboard model name. (See boxed area in image below.)

• Serial Number is located below the bar code on the sticker which contains
   manufacturing country, i.e. Made in...

Please refer to the BIOS menu to check the BIOS version.