機箱給您的高功效硬體提供一個融合了優雅與彈性設計的精緻化解決方案。你會發現 S5 是您以無工具組裝高密度散熱裝置和模組化的硬碟架和的理想選擇。

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適用於封閉回路和自訂回路水冷解決方案,S5 是設計給要求最嚴苛的使用者來搭配高功率的重裝配置。


在三個可完全卸載式磁碟機的槽中可安裝十個 Hdd 或固態硬碟, S5 主主機殼可以調整滿足您的個人存儲需求。無論是否系統使用一個、 3 個或十個磁碟機,您可以只需拿掉不必要的磁片槽,以保持您的主機的簡潔。




介於標新立異的極端設和了無新意的老式設計主機殼的之間,定位S5 主機殼本身設計以細緻的紅線和時尚拉絲鋁設計。前面板配有兩個 USB 3.0 埠、 音訊插孔和安裝兩個 5.25"裝置的能力


在標準操作測試期間僅產生23dB 的雜訊,S5 主機殼完美的溶入將適入任何房間或辦公室。在其如耳語般的氣流聲,你可以盡情體驗音樂、 遊戲或視頻而沒有惱人的錘擊般的風扇雜音

S5特別版 詳細規格

Product SKU GS5B-000R
Form Factor Mid-Tower chassis for motherboard support size of ATX 12" x 10" Micro ATX 9.6" x 9.6"
Dimensions Height: 18.1" (460mm) Width: 7.9" (200mm) Depth: 19.4" (493mm) Gross Weight : 24.2 lb (10.98 kg) Packaging: 14.2'' (W) x 24.9''(H) x 24'' (D) Available Color: Black / Red
Expansion Slots 7 full-height & full-length expansion slot(s)
Processor Support Supports dual, single Intel® / AMD processors
Front Panel Buttons: Power On/Off button System Reset Button LEDs: HDD activity LED Power Status LED
Drive Bays Internal: 6x 3.5" fixed drive bay 4x 2.5" fixed drive bay
Peripheral drives 2 x standard 5.25" drive bay
System Cooling Fans: 2x 12cm front cooling fan 1x 12cm rear exhaust fan
Operating Environment / Compliance Operating Temperature Range: 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F) Non-Operating Temperature Range: -40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F) Operating Relative Humidity Range: 8% - 90% (non-condensing) Non-Operating Relative Humidity Range: 5% - 95% (non-condensing)

S5特別版 Components

Standard Parts List
Part NumberQtyDescription
ChassisCSE-GS5B-000R1Mid-Tower Chassis (Black / Red)
Control BoardMCP-280-GS501-0N1S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Front Control Panel PCB Assembly w/ Cables

Optional Parts List
Part NumberQtyDescription
Front Dust FilterMCP-290-GS503-0B1S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Front Bezel Grille with Supermicro Logo Assembly
Thumb ScrewMCP-110-GS501-0B1S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Side Panel Thumb Screw-Black Color
Fan KitFAN-0124L4112cm (1850rpm) cooling Fan
LCD ModuleMCP-220-00095-0B15.25" USB LCD Kit


SuperMicro Gaming S5 Special Edition Mid-Tower Chassis Review

"Wether you need a reliable and versatile case for at home, or in the office, the S5 has got you covered. This is a good all-round product that would make a solid gaming system or even a workstation that required a lot of drive bays. Let’s hope SuperMicro continue to develop their new range, as they’re already off to a great start.”

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