S5 SI Edition Titanium Black

S5 SI Edition Titanium Black

The SUPERO S5 SI Edition Titanium Black chassis blends elegance and flexibility into a refined home for your high-performance hardware. You will find the S5 an ideal choice for your build with extensive cooling features, modular drive cages, and a tool-less environment.

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Ready for almost anything, the S5 SI Edition is equipped with a 750W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply. The semi-modular power source has been validated to work flawlessly with SUPERO motherboards, and forms a sound base to configure your very own unique rig. Amplify the game with the SUPERO S5 SI Edition.


Designed for easy installation, the S5 SI Edition can also withstand the forces of transportation. The chassis has been upgraded with special reinforcement brackets securing the drive cages and power supply. Packed inside sturdy foam even a fully loaded system, it passes the ISTA 2A drop test keeping your hardware safe & sound.


Supporting up to seven fans, systems ranging from mainstream to high-performance can be kept perfectly cool inside the S5. Designed for high air-flow, the system can be kept cool during extreme gaming sessions. Three PWM fans come included to ensure both the air-intake and the exhaust run smoothly.


With three fully removable drive cages, housing a total of ten HDDs or SSDs, the S5 chassis can be adjusted to meet your individual storage needs. Whether the system uses one, three, or ten drives, you can simply remove the unnecessary cages to keep the chassis as clean as you want.


The three removable filters keep out the dust and allow your computer to run cooler and cleaner. They can be easily removed and cleaned, allowing you to keep the air-intake clean. Integrated cable management keeps the chassis tidy and clutter-free, improving the airflow to maximize cooling.


Bridging the void between extreme mods and the boring old-fashioned cases, the S5 chassis defines itself with a fine red line and stylishly brushed aluminum design. The front panel comes equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and the ability to install two 5.25” devices.


Producing only 23dB of noise during standard operation tests, the S5 SI Titanium Black chassis will fit perfectly into any room or office. With its whisper-level airflow and sound-damped panels, you can experience music, games, or videos to the max without the annoying disturbance of hammering fans.

S5 SI Edition Titanium Black Specifications

Product SKU CSE-GS5A-753K
Motherboards for this chassis C7Z270-PG
Form Factor Mid-Tower chassis for motherboard support size of ATX 12" x 10" Micro ATX 9.6" x 9.6"
Dimensions Height: 18.1" (460mm) Width: 7.9" (200mm) Depth: 19.4" (493mm) Gross Weight: 26 lb (11.8 kg) Packaging: 14.2'' (W) x 24.9''(H) x 24'' (D)
Server(s) for this chassis SYS-5130AD-T
Front Panel Buttons: Power On/Off button System Reset Button LEDs: HDD activity LED Power Status LED
Drive Bays Internal: 6x 3.5" fixed drive bay 4x 2.5" fixed drive bay
Peripheral drives 2 standard 5.25" drive bay
System Cooling Fans: 2x 12cm front cooling fan 1x 12cm rear exhaust fan
Power Supply 750W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply
Operating Environment / Compliance Operating Temperature Range: 5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F) Non-Operating Temperature Range: -40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F) Operating Relative Humidity Range: 8% - 90% (non-condensing) Non-Operating Relative Humidity Range: 5% - 95% (non-condensing)

S5 SI Edition Titanium Black Components

Standard Parts List
Part NumberQtyDescription
ChassisCSE-GS5A-753K1Mid-Tower Chassis (Black / Titanium Black)
Power SupplyPWS-753-PQ1[DESKTOP ONLY], PS2/ATX 750W Multi-output Power supply with modular cable 80Plus Gold, RoHS/REACH
Drive Tray(s)MCP-220-GS501-0B2S5 Mid-Tower Chassis 5.25inch Drive Tray
Drive Tray(s)MCP-220-GS502-0B4S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Tool-less Internal 2.5" HDD Carrier
Drive Tray(s)MCP-220-GS503-0B6S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Tool-less Internal 3.5" HDD Carrier
Control BoardMCP-280-GS501-0N1S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Front Control Panel PCB Assembly w/ Cables

Optional Parts List
Part NumberQtyDescription
Front Dust FilterMCP-290-GS503-0B1S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Front Bezel Grille with Supermicro Logo Assembly
Thumb ScrewMCP-110-GS501-0B1S5 Mid-Tower Chassis Side Panel Thumb Screw-Black Color
Fan KitFAN-0124L4112cm (1850rpm) cooling Fan

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