Constructed from SGCC 0.8 mm steel and supporting any ATX form factor, the 732G chassis offers superior protection for your precious hardware. It includes internal drive cages, external hot-swappable bays, multi-color LED indication for overclocking, and a feature rich front panel. The 732G chassis is the choice for a combined desktop and workstation PC.

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Whether it’s an SSD or HDD, the heavy plated chassis features five hot-swappable drive bays to support your needs. Replace a drive in seconds through the front panel which comes in handy if you travel often. Changing out 2.5” drives is simple too. Just pull out, plug in, and run.


Beauty comes in many forms, and the 732G it is a thing of beauty. The futuristic design translates mood and performance into color. If you desire more aggressive performance, the LED illumination can reflect your mood through both side panels facing the front of the chassis. The exceptional front panel features no less than four USB connectors, audio jacks, e-SATA, and 6* hot-swappable drive bays. 

* 4x 2.5” (optional)


Moving your system from one place to another should be easy and convenient. With the integrated heavy-duty top handles, you can simply take your rig to LAN events, shows, or just to your friend’s place to play. 


Designed with support for both air and water-cooling, your hardware will be kept perfectly cool. Air-flow is optimized by two 120mm fans, which take care of the heat dissipated by your components to ensure their health 24/7. 


The 732G chassis isn’t your typical computer case. It blends workstation features with a futuristic interchanging colored LED design with heavy steel plated quality leaving you nothing to worry about. With the 732G chassis your hardware is in trusted hands. Blue, orange, or purple, one or many drives, easy or heavy duty.

The SUPERO 732G accepts any challenge without exception.

732G Heavy Duty Gaming Workstation Specifications

Product SKU CSE-732G-903B
Motherboards for this chassis C7B75 X10SAE C7Z87 C7Z87-OCE X10SAT C7Z170-SQ C7H170-M
Form Factor Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis Supports Motherboard Sizes Up to E-ATX 12" x 13" , 12" x 10", 9.6" x 9.6"
Dimensions Height: 20.08" (510mm) Width: 8.66" (220mm) Depth: 22.83" (580mm) Gross Weight: 32.5 lbs (14.7kg) Available Colors: Black
Expansion Slots 7x Full-height, Full-length Expansion Slots
Processor Support Supports dual, single Intel® / AMD processors
Server(s) for this chassis 5038AD-T
Front Panel Buttons: Power On/Off button LEDs: Power LED Hard drive activity LED Network activity LEDs System Information LED Ports: 2x front USB 3.0 Ports 2x front USB 2.0 Ports 2x front HD/AC97 Audio Ports 1x eSATA Port
Drive Bays Hot-swap: 3x 3.5" Hot-swap Internal Drive Bays 2x 3.5" Hot-swap External Drive BaysPeripheral Bay(s): 2x 5.25" Peripheral Drive Bays 1x 3.5” Device Bay
System Cooling Fans: 1x 12cm Rear Exhaust Fan 1x 12cm Front Cooling Fan Water Cooling Support Available
Power Supply 900W AC multi output power supply AC Voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 10-6 Amp +5V Standby: 3 Amp +12V1: 25 Amp +12V2: 25 Amp +12V3: 25 Amp +12V4: 25 Amp +5V: 25 Amp +3.3V: 25 Amp -12V : 0.5 Amp Certification: Gold Level Note: Max. continuous combined load on +3.3V and +5V output shall not exceed 155W. Max. continuous combined load on +12V1, +12V2, +12V3 and +12V4 output shall not exceed 860W.
Operating Environment / Compliance Operating Temperature Range: 5°C ~ 35°C (41°F ~ 95°F) Non-Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 60°C (-40°F ~ 140°F) Operating Relative Humidity Range: 8% ~ 90% (non-condensing) Non-Operating Relative Humidity Range: 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
Regulatory (Power Supply) Power Supply Safety / EMC: • USA - UL listed, FCC • Canada - CUL listed • Germany - TUV Certified • Europe/CE Mark • EN 60950/IEC 60950-Complia

732G Heavy Duty Gaming Workstation Components

Standard Parts List
Part NumberQtyDescription
SC732G-903B ChassisCSE-732G-903B13U Chassis (Black)
Power SupplyPWS-903-PQ1PS2 900W Multi-Output Power Supply Gold
Cable 1CBL-0071L1ROUND 16 pin TO 16 PIN RIBBON FP CABLE 30
Cable 2CBL-0084L1Front control cable 16 pin split, 6
Cable 3CBL-CDAT-05601Audio Cable HD / AC97 -80cm, 28AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Cable 4CBL-CUSB-05581SC732G USB2.0 Internal Cable 2-Ports w/ 2-Sockets-80cm,28AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Cable 5CBL-CUSB-05591SC732G USB3.0 Internal Cable 2-Ports w/ 2-Sockets-60cm,28/24AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Cable 6CBL-PWEX-05611SC732G 4 pin LED Power Cable with adapter for Blue,30cm,22AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Cable 7CBL-PWEX-05621SC732G 4 pin LED Power Cable with adapter for Orange,30cm,22AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Cable 8CBL-PWEX-05631SC732G 4 pin LED Color Adapter Power Cable-To Light Purple Color,30cm,22AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Cable 9CBL-SAST-05571SC732G eSATA Internal Cable 1-Port w/ 1-Socket-60cm,26AWG,HF,RoHS/REACH,PBF
Fan 1FAN-0124L4212 CM x12 CM fan

Optional Parts List
Part NumberQtyDescription
Heat SinkSNK-P0051AP4-4U Active CPU Heat Sink for Gaming and Socket H UP Systems,RoHS/REACH,PBF
2.5" HDD CageMCP-220-73202-ON-SC732G HDD Cage (4x External 2.5" HDD)
HDD Cooling FanMCP-320-73201-0N-SC732G HDD Cooling Fan w/ Installation Bracket - Single Pack

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